My First Blog Entry

I admit it… I have never blogged before. So this is my first ever blog entry anywhere. My theme for todays blog is therefore “my first blog”.

I have never really liked writing diaries or journals. I’ve had English teachers tell me that I had to document time spent on an essay in a log before because it is not possible to write a good essay in one night. Personally I do not agree. Just because it is not committed to paper doesn’t mean I have not started thinking about what I want to say. I just always thought it kind of silly to log things like “spent 30 min in the tub thinking about symbolism in Alice in Wonderland” or “spent 15 min before falling asleep thinking about Hamlet”. As for diaries, I just never got into the habit of writing one. I prefer to simply recall each day from memory. Although… my memory has always been at least mildly shoddy so I wonder why on earth I would try to rely on it.

So why blog now? I have been told that blogging is fun (by my colleague Chris Tyler). I am not totally sure I see this yet but I’m willing to give it a chance ;). I am also starting to work on some open source development and I’ve been told that Blogs are an effective way for the open source community to communicate. Therefore, it would be a good idea to maintain a blog about what is happening on my project.

So I do have some questions about blogs that I have always wondered about. With all the blogs out there today, how do people find time to read them? It seems like everyone has a blog somewhere and would this not just cause some major information overload at some point? Hopefully I will figure this out in the near future. In any case this should be an interesting experiencing


3 responses to “My First Blog Entry

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. “I prefer to simply recall each day from memory”

    lol, after being subject to what I call a “clickfest” (where a group of friends all of a sudden all grab their digital cameras and start frantically taking pictures… usually happens after three drinks at a pub) and being the sole friend without a camera, I whispered to my closest friend, “I don’t take pictures because I can remember what people look like.”

  3. Congrats Cathy! Welcome to the fold.

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