Worth a shot :P

Over the weekend I decided to try to build mozilla. I went to the web site, got the approproiate tools, downloaded the source (and yes I even used cvs) and did a build. I have been looking at the lectures online about the build system and I sort of have an idea of what its about but I’m still very new to the terms and find some of it confusing. I found this link:


to be useful. So I went there and did what it said.

Try number 1: Got an error because it was defaulting into my documents path on windows and I couldn’t use paths with spaces

Try number 2: moved to a directory without spaces and did it again. My machine chugged a long for about 30 min or so and announced that the build was successful, no errors.

Now… here is where I’m stuck. This will sound really silly so bear with me. I’m not totally sure what it is that I built. I can’t seem to find any kind of executable to test. I know my computer did things for a while. I even did it on two computers. In the end though, I’m not sure what it was that was produced.

I went to the open source course wiki and looked at the lab for this week about building mozilla. There were steps in it that I definitely did not do. Looking forward to today’s class where I hope not only to build mozilla but figure out what to do with it after its built.


3 responses to “Worth a shot :P

  1. I hear you – I was confused at first too. Do you have a dist folder in the directory you built in? Or perhaps a folder that starts with obj and then a bunch of numbers and letter? If so – check in there for dist/bin and then in bin there should be a firefox or minefield executable. good luck!

  2. look in mozilla/ff-opt-static/dist/bin/

    you’ll have firefox.exe there on windows and firefox on linux. you can run that normally (remember can’t use the same profile from 2 firefox processes)

  3. Sounds like things went pretty well! Assuming you didn’t set up an objdir (if you don’t know what that is, then you probably didn’t), your exe should be in mozilla/dist/bin. If you think that this needs to be mentioned in one of the wiki documents, feel free to edit the doc and add it!

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