Getting the word out

FSOSS is less than a month away and we have been trying to get the word out.  I had just gotten a more formal description of the event from my colleague and wanted to send it to a friend and maybe have him pass it around to people he knows that might be interested.

Usually I talk with this friend on msn so I send him a standard greeting about fsoss and asked if I could get him to forward it to him.  I waited a bit… no reply so I do what I normally do to get his attention which is a couple of short messages like “poke poke”, “are you there”, and so on.  I even included his high school nickname (Binky)  in one of them.  So a few more seconds go past and his response is:

in meeting

please forward email

will have to ttyl

(thinking oops… so I appologize for diverting his attention)

no worries, everyone can see this
I’m on the projector

(uh oh)Ah well… at least I got the word out to those at his meeting 😛


One response to “Getting the word out

  1. Good work! Keep promoting us via meeting projectors 🙂

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