Double lidded steamer pot

I have decided that for this year’s pottery classes I will mostly be working ont the double lidded steamer pot (dun jong in cantonese).  Basically this is a cylindrical jar with a tall foot and two lids.  The inner lid is a relatively flat lid (the commercial ones usually do it flat with a dip in middle and a nob that is flat with the rest of the lid). The outerlid is like an upside down bowl   The pot is used for “steamed soups”.    It allows the water that gets caught under the outer lid to flow back out and not land inside the jar.

Throwing plan:

Create the inner lid and jar as one piece.

Create the outer lid as a bowl with a taller than normal foot that can be used for lid.

On my first attempt the outer lid was a touch too big for the jar.  I think that to ensure that I get a proper outer lid next time I will have to throw a few of them.  The inner lid was too tall which meant I couldn’t actually just shorten the outerlid to make it smaller.  Pictures to be posted next week


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