4 Spinning Cubes!

Several things are happening today that I’m really excited about. The first is that our website is now up and running (see this blog post about it). The second is that we are now ready for our 0.1 release! Here is a screenshot of what you would see when you run it (the cubes are not static though… they will spin!) :


Ok… I know… its just 4 boxes. Nothing fancy. However the really neat part of this is not in the ability of to animate 4 cubes but rather the simplicity of how this can be accomplished using our API. Using the API, you can create the scene, the 4 spinning cubes and do the animation in under 30 lines of code.

Things that we need to do in the next little while:

Documentation – like many programmers, we really don’t have very good documentation in our code. We need to get our api documented so that people can actually do something with our API

Tutorials – Simple tutorials would be really useful. I have always found reading API documentations to be dumped into the deep end of a pool and then being asked “can you swmi?” Simple examples showing different uses of the API would be really helpful in showing its usage.

Code cleanup/review – the programmers working have a lot of background with C/C++. Not so much with javascript. What we could use is another eye to help us with fine tuning the API. Are we coding in the most effective way possible? Are we on the right track? What would make this easier to use? Do we need to abstract away more (there is still the need to use vectors in some of our calls for directions and so on… do we need to make it even more intuitive?)

This is our first really big step and we would welcome any feedback that we can get.


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