Doubles, JS, and GC

For the past week I have been attending the GCD. Lots of really neat stuff that I learned while there. However, one of the most valuable things during this time was a chance to meet with Vlad about the c3dl project. I showed Vlad what we had and some of our concerns.

Mark, one of the developers for the project, had some concerns about how the animation looked and how it seemed to drop frames once in a while. Mark had a few ideas about this and thought it had to do with error checking on his arguments. As soon as as I showed it to Vlad, he had an immediate answer for me. Two words: Garbage Collection (GC). The hiccup that we saw in the animation was caused by GC. The other thing I learned was that doubles were garbage collected (something that should change soon). Since most of our information (vectors, matrices, etc) are store as doubles, garbage collection on doubles are even more noticeable.

Vlad had mentioned that this is likely going to fixed with the changes currently being made to JS.  In the mean time, we should continue to work on making our code as fast as possible.  Our scene is still very small so I wonder how a bigger scene would affect performance.


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