New School Year, New School Year Resolution

The summer is finally over and its time to go back to school.  I really enjoyed the summer this year.  The weather wasn’t too hot which is a nice change from the normal humid Toronto summers.  My cousin came for a visit from Hong Kong.  He will be teaching CS full time at the American International School in Hong Kong this coming year.  I gave him tons of links to awesome open source software and projects.  Hopefully it will help expose open source to a wider audience.  Other than visits from relatives, I also had the opportunity to take a 1 week course intensive Raku course which I wrote about here.

To kick off the school year I am going to make the following new school year resolution.

I will blog at least once a week.

Last year I learned what a wonderful teaching tool blogs/wiki’s and irc could be.  I loved how it was possible to see what students were working on and what they thought, if they were having trouble in one area and so on…  I liked the collaborative creation of wiki’s.

This year I hope to encorporate it into the courses that I’m teaching.  I think the key to doing this is to practice what I preach… can’t expect students to blog if I don’t.  Anyhow…that is the plan… now to learn about the iseries and cobol  (/me wonders if its possible to program space invaders with cobol on the iseries)


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