Twitter – good or bad

Well, I finally succumb to peer pressure and signed up for Twitter (my id is cathyatseneca).  I had resisted joining it because I know that I’m fairly easily distracted while at the same time focusing on something that is really a distraction.

So far I have made 3 tweets (one was more like a note to myself to check out certain apps).  There was a silly comment/joke I tried to write but I ran out of characters so I didn’t bother with it.  I can see that fitting in your tweets to the given length will definitely be a challenge.  Unlike blogs where you can go on and explain your points, twitter is definitely a place where you need to say what you want to say and do it quickly.

As of day one the distractions have not been too bad but I don’t have too many people I’m following or are following me so far.  Maybe it will grow as the list grows.  For now though, its ok and I can keep up with it 🙂


One response to “Twitter – good or bad

  1. i think twitter is tool like any other internet tool. U waste as much time on it as you want to. I wont deny that its easy to get caught up in it, but its all about moderation. And I’m sure for every bad thing twitter does, there r some great things that it can do.

    And yes, the 140 char thing is a challenge to the English language. And its prob. the single greatest and worst thing to happen to the current ADD generation.

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