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Currently C3DL’s Development news feed is included on the Planet CDOT. Recently while looking at other people’s work on WebGL I came across the WebGL planet.  I figured, it was a good idea to have our dev news there so I asked Chris Blizzard to add us to the feed.

Chris then told me that the planet was having trouble parsing our feed and that a stray character may be to blame.  I found this odd of course because it always showed up on Planet CDOT.  However, I know that the planet software was different for the two so perhaps one was stricter than the other when it came to blog feeds.  I decided to investigate this.

I was not sure where to start as my experience with blogging software is pretty limited.  I decided to start searching for planet venus (the software used by Planet WebGL) since it was the one thing I know was different between planet CDOT (which worked) and Planet WebGL (which didn’t).   I came across a lot of articles on the 2nd planet from the sun, but much less about planet venus the blog feed tool .  I decided to try looking at it from the wordpress perspective to see what else I could find.  Eventually I stumbled upon It lets you check if anything is wrong with your blog feed.

Upon putting in the c3dl feed, I discovered that there was indeed something wrong.  It was in one of the posts which had an <a> tag that didn’t have any url (basically <a href = “”>some text </a> ) . I took it out and the validator indicated that there were no longer any errors in the feed.  Sooo lessoned learned.  Not all planets are as forgiving with their tags, check your feeds and make sure everything is good.   Hopefully this will solve the issue with Planet Venus :).



2 responses to “blog feeds

  1. Odd… Planet CDOT uses the planet venus software too!

  2. Really? I thought you said to me that CDOT uses …(can’t remember) but that I might want to try Planet Venus if I wanted to set up my own.

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