New Year Prep

The new year has begun and I’m back at work.  I took some time off around the holidays to hang out with friends, and generally relax.  I even made a turkey this year with stuffing and mash potatoes that didn’t come from a box!  I am feeling much more refreshed now and I’m ready to get back to work.

This semester I will be teaching OOP244, DSA555 and GAM671. I will be moving my notes that were originally done in ms word to a wiki.  I had originally planned to do it in straight html but I am finding that the editing tools there just isn’t quite up to what I want.  Its fine for normal text but any time I want to do something more out of the ordinary it seems to just bug out.  There is a good chance that this is simply the editor I’m using is not configured properly but a wiki is just so much easier to edit.

So far the main drawback is that I do not have a good way of transfering my diagrams.  I do not like ascii art and I think that good diagrams are important.   I’m trying out inkscape but it is a bit complex for what I want to do.  I think that simplest way for me to do it (at least for now) is to screenshot and save as .png files the diagrams from my old notes.


2 responses to “New Year Prep

  1. Hey Cathy! You might want to try Dia. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to use, there aren’t as many shapes as I would like, but the results can be quite nice. And you can save them as an image.

    See for example a very simple one here:

  2. GAM671, or at least the BSD version that I took was a wonderful course.

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