Vases for my brother’s wedding

This summer my brother is getting married.  I’m very happy for him and as part of my contribution to his wedding, I have made the vases for the centre pieces at the reception.  The vases were designed for short arrangements so that guests would not have to talk over the flower.  I was given an estimate of 15 to 18 tables which is a lot considering that my usual production rate is at about 3 pieces every 10 week session.  I had to really pick up the pace (and spend a lot of extra time) to get these things done… In any case they are now all complete.

Here are a few where I did something a bit different with (pictures were taken with my phone camera under bad lighting so its not that good):

A Chattered Piece

The green clear glaze was coming out very nicely on textured surfaces so I had used it extensive.  This one is a simple chattered surface.

A colour clay piece

This one is a bit different.  The brown stripes are actually part of the clay body.  I used some dark clay to lay out a few coils over the white clay before opening and this is the result.

A Double Walled Piece

This one is kind of neat.. its a double walled piece.

A Carved Piece

This is one of my favorite pieces overall.  It is carved with some butterflies over blades of grass.

A Nicely Glazed Piece

This is actually a very simple piece and the picture is not doing it justice.  I really like how the glaze had turned out on this one.

Another Double Walled Piece

This is another double walled piece.  Like the triangle one later, it allows cut-throughs on the outer wall.  I suck at taking pictures… The piece is a lot more green than yellow.

Anyhow… there are actually a lot more than that but I thought I’d just share some of the more intricate ones.


One response to “Vases for my brother’s wedding

  1. Wow! These are amazing Cathy!
    Great job…

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