Learning better JS

I’ve been doing some js coding but at a very amateurish level and I don’t have the indepth understanding that I do with C/C++.  Right now, I’m learning to code better JS and these are the scribble notes:

1) JS is a simple language that can be put together in complex ways.

2) Everything has a prototype

3) meaning of “this” changes depending on context

Code bits (Looking at the three.js lib):

var THREE={};    //THREE is an empty object
THREE.Color = function(hex){   
//this function is an annonymous function.  It can ever only be accessed
//o is an object, prop is a property of o
//objects contain key value pairs, notated as key: value, key2: value
var o={prop: 6};    
//Prototypical inheritance
//the prototype is like a class.  Its like member functions for
THREE.color.prototype = {
  setRGBA: function(r,g,b,a){
  setHex: function() {
THREE.Rectangle = function(){
  var _left, _top...;  //private variables, not accessible
  function resize(){
      //this function has access to things in here
      //and things outside resize
    return _left;

//object literal creation:
intersect = { prop1: x, prop2: y...}

//call() is in the object prototype.  sets the meaning of

From JQuery:

same as:
function init(window,undefined){

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