Summer at CDOT

Summer is an exciting time for the Centre of Development of Open Technology (CDOT).  This summer we have over 20 researchers working on various projects.  This is a lot more than we have had in past summers and the atmosphere has been very exciting (and loud).  I would like to start by welcoming all the new people to the group.  We are very happy to have you work with us this summer :).

For myself, I’m starting off the summer with a good deal of writing.  Our talk for Processing.js was accept for SIGGRAPH 2011 and we made some changes based on reviewer comments.  Other than that I’ve also been working on getting another paper prepared.   Things are going well and everything should be done for tomorrow.

Next week will see the continued progress on various projects.  It should be a very exciting summer at CDOT.  I’m looking forward to it very much!


2 responses to “Summer at CDOT

  1. i am interested .I also wanna do something in this summer at C-DOT.
    Is this possible??

    • I’m afraid not. CDOT stands for the centre for the development of open technology. I work there and we have already picked up all the summer employees.

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