Setting up Thunderbird with Seneca’s new staff email system

I’m writing this blog because I think that there may be other fellow Senecan’s out there that might be in the same boat as me and I want to help them out.  Recently we changed over our email system to Microsoft Exchange Sever.  Now, while I had no great love for our old mail server, the new server meant that we had to update our email clients.   Helpdesk is supporting only outlook for mail clients and that just isn’t going to work for me.  They did however provide information on how to connect to the email server using IMAP.  This information is for the most part correct.  However, there are some things that don’t match up exactly with options available for Thunderbird.  So here is what you can do…

1) Thunderbird will auto detect your settings… this is probably the easiest way to do it and if I had let it do that I wouldn’t have been unable to sent email for a whole day :P.    Just go to the bottom of the account window, click on the account action button and choose add account and fill in the info in the dialog box and let Thunderbird do the rest.

2) If you want to manually set it up, the info supplied by ITS is correct however, there was a bit of confusion for me on the labelling.  For incoming server, choose SSL/TLS for outgoing choose STARTTLS

Anyhow hope this helps!


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