Thank you to my teachers

Recently I got a tweet from a former student saying that they really liked my Data Structures class. It was really good to hear that and filled me with warm fuzzy feelings. It also got me to think about all the wonderful teachers in my academic career. There have been so many. I don’t know if I have ever expressed my gratitude at the time but I think it would be good for them to know (although I’m not sure if any of them will ever see this blog… but they say that nothing ever gets erased on the internet so maybe). So here is a small list of teachers/professors/instructors who have made a difference in my schooling.

Dr. Dekang Lin – My thesis advisor. The one who spent countless hours trying to explain grammars and parsers to me. You have taught me so much and provided me so much support. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dr. Helen Cameron (Univeristy of Manitoba) – who was very tough but incredibly fair. I never worked so hard to get things done as when I had two courses with you in the same semester.

Dr. John Bate (University of Manitoba) – I never directly used what you taught me (digital logic) but it was the course that made me really understand how computers work.

Al Marshal (University of Manitoba) – my own data structures prof… clear, concise with a sense of humor too.

Dr. Bill Kocay (University of Manitoba) – my other data structures prof who helped me to understand all about suitcases 🙂

Dr. Neil Arnason (University of Manitoba) – who helped me out a lot when I started teaching and made it easy for a newbie like me to transition into this career

Dr. John Anderson (University of Manitoba) – who gave me my worst grade on my transcript but you were my first CS prof and you always did a fantastic job teaching… and you know I mean it when I say this since you gave me my worst mark 😛

Dr. Russel (University of Manitoba) – The mandarin classes were awesome.

Mr. Doug Silzer (Cedarbrae Collegiate, Scarborough Ontario) – who taught me to reason through problems and never gave me a straight answer.   Thinking through to a solution is important after all :).

Mr. French – who taught history and not French :P.   Your class was amazing

Mr. Horkoff (Ken Seaford Jr. High) – a teacher who grew my love of science.

Mr Thies (Ken Seaford Jr. High) – a teacher who taught me to do my homework even when I thought I knew what I was doing already because a good student do their homework. I believe that were it not for this enforcement of homework doing, I would not have been able to so easily continue my studies at higher levels.

An ESL teacher in Meadows School in Brandon Manitoba (sorry I forgot your name, it was long ago, I was really really young, and I was only there for 3 months)  who taught me that the “th” sound required the sticking out of the tongue to be properly pronounced. “The” not “De” :).

Miss Jenny Smith – awesome exchange teacher from England who taught at James Nisbett in Winnipeg for one year. You were awesome.

So, if anyone reads this and knows any of my former teachers, please pass on my message of gratitude.  You have my thanks.


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