Trying out

This summer my industry partner and I presented on at SIGGRAPH 2013. It was a project that we had prototyped in CDOT and one that I had found to be very compelling to work on. As with many projects that begin their life at an academic institution, the work to turn the prototype into a commercial product is done by the industry partner. The smoothing out of the bugs, the improvements to the feature set etc. etc. etc.

I had not really used since preparing for the SIGGRAPH presentation this summer and I was curious as to the improvements that have been made since I last used it. A student of mine was creating a model of the Master Sword from Legend of Zelda. It inspired me, to try my hand at creating the same sword inside

I used this image that I found of the sword as my reference:


And here is my model (I don’t have materials yet though…). Too bad doesn’t allow iframes though… would have been neat to just stick the embed code right in my blog 🙂

First I’ll start by saying that I’m not really a 3D artist so any ugliness in the model is all due to my lack of skill, not a problem with the application. It wouldn’t look different if I had used another tool. The application was fairly stable in july but now it is even more so. I really liked the way the frame selection option adjusted my viewport when I had to do detailed work. The ability to select loop edges was really handy for this shape (adding edge on blade, creating the groves on the hilt, etc.). One of the things that I have always loved about is the idea that this isn’t a toy project. It actually works in a manner similar to professional grade tools with features like subobject editing. I’m really amazed to see how much more so it has become in the last few months.


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