Sharing is awesome!

Earlier I wrote about making a zelda sword using  When I first created the model, there were some problems with it.  The sword did not appear to have an edge… you have to turn it to see the sharp edge.  It looked very much like a box.  The grooves that I had put into the sword hilt also did not appear to show very well.  I thought maybe it was a rendering problem or the shininess of the material or something and tweaked it for a bit but the problem persisted.

One of the things that I had done after I first finished my sword was I shared it with my industry partner… this is easy in….its like google docs, just hit share and say who with. 

About a day later, my industry partner had applied a normal modifier to my model and fixed my sword!  It actually had sharp edges and proper ridges.

To me … this really showed how useful it is to work collaboratively in the cloud.  For me to share my scene was easy… no fiddling with ftp, attempts to attach large files to emails etc.  My industry partner was able to look at the exact thing that I had been working on (including all my most recent attempts at fixing my problem…).  He could then fix it.  Immediately after this, I was able to see what he had done and use that solution to fix the rest of model.   I knew from the start what Ben’s vision for had always been… but to actually see it in action… now that’s cool




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